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Free Stay for an artist project in Naples

Are your a painter, fotographer or doing some contemporary art? Be part of our Sanidei Artist Project to create an international artistic network in Naples, Italy!

We, Roberta Ferrante contemporary art painter and Florian Lenk Cultural Manager and Licenzed Tourist Guide, are searching collaborations and support interesting artists who wants to stay in Naples in Italy. We offer one week for free during the winter months at our Sanidei Art Apartment to create a small common exhibition.

Roberta Ferrantes Paintings

You can leave a recording if you want or leave a commission if you will sell some of your works during the exhibitions. For our contacts with different agencies, Tourist Guides and local cultural associations we could arrange some interesting contacts and invite visitors for your stay.

We want you to find new inspirations in Naples and offer your creativity to the city of Naples. If you are interested please contact us at our Mail info@napolitrip.com

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